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Simple Design For A Stunning

Wine Rack

A small space built-in, with grand appeal



John Uttenreither

John Uttenreither

Writer, designer, builder, husband, father...

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Stunning DIY wine rack, free plans

How do you take a space to the next level of awsome? "Design stubborness", the refusal to ignore problems, allowing them to keep the upper hand. I find difficult design challenges exhilarating. A chance to transform a problem from "that sucks", to a design breakthrough. 


My son Ben and I finished a basement for a nice couple with a long wish list. They really wanted to fit a lot in a small "inefficient space". To acomplish this, we had to make good use of every inch. 



One challenge was a "useless" narrow void between the stair set and a masonry pillar. Sure, we could just cover it over with drywall and forget about it. Steam roll through the job and move on in mediocraty. Maybe with an apology to the client; "Sorry we couldn't fit everything you wanted."


But putting "design stubbourness" to work here payed off in a big way, with the creation of a simply stunning built-in wine rack. 

DIY built-in wine rack, free plans

The simple design and wonderful material it’s made of makes this project an enjoyable kind of easy to build. 


So what’s it made of you ask???


Well let me ask you.


Would you like FREE DIY plans?


Adaptable to spaces large or small, near or far,

Ben made a set of construction plans just for you. If you are agreeable to FREE, they can be downloaded here.  If not, we’ll be glad to negotiate as high a price as you would like to pay.

Do you live near the Northern Baltimore area?

My son Ben and I are always looking for remodeling projects to keep us busy, and maybe blog about. Lazzell Design Works is our remodeling business. Look us up on Houzz if you have a project needing a special touch.


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