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John Uttenreither

Inspiration For Coloring

Outside The Lines

Recycled found objects make art with a repurpose

John Uttenreither

Designer, builder, husband, father...

You, Me, And Whimsy


Some whimsy for you

Some whimsy for me

Laughter for two

But together we’re three


You, me, and whimsy

Such fanciful fun

Like smoke up the chimney

Our blues on the run


Hands touch together

A dance and a bow

Seeing our treasure

We both say it



I whisper to you

You whisper to me

Could it be true

Is love sold for free?


Buying we buy it

And seller’s we’re not

Fixed in our orbit

Each other we’ve got


One then, not two

When whimsy made three

And love spilled the glue

That found you and me


Let whimsy be fed

To whimsy be kind

That playful odd thread

That sewed yours with mine


If reason for crying

Should one day be found

Too heavy for flying

With burdens weighed down


Remember our whimsy

The odd me and you

And dance the day happy

To rhymes from yours true


John Uttenreither

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I like to rhyme. Lets see how I do here.

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