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John Uttenreither

From Trash To Dashing

Trashcan transformations can make you feel

all green inside

John Uttenreither

Designer, builder, husband, father...

I just couldn't seem to find the time to buy a plant hook we needed.

In the normal course of things, I hired someone to haul away some construction debris. As I walked up to say hello, he notice something catch my eye in the back of his truck, and just like that, he asked if I wanted it. A bent fireplace end iron. I knew just what to do with it.

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What does being green mean to you?

Would you dare pull something off a trash pile? 

I cut the bent leg off, ground the spot smooth, drilled two mounting holes, and painted it black. Now I feel all green inside. Best of all, I really like the plant hook, and don't feel like I settled.

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John and Ben Uttenreither are award winning remodeling experts, ready to serve you!

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Do you live near the Baltimore area?

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We are award winning remodeling experts, ready to serve you!

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