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John Uttenreither

Vintage Toy Wagons All Grown Up

Repurpose for a nostalgic display coffee table


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John Uttenreither

Writer, designer, builder, husband, father...

Repurposed Vintage Wood Wagon Coffee Table

A vintage toy wagon.

Oh listen…

Hear it?

Playful laughter…

Echoes of our Grand Parents childhood fun. Back then toy wagons were built for serious play. 


Kids still like to play of course. But even though a wagon may remain ready to roll, today's kids are busy face timing, texting, or gaming.

So be assured that no tears of protest will be shed when you convert a found toy wagon into a wonderful display coffee table.  And if you find one with it’s axle “draggin”, I suggest red paint and Miranda’s song.  

I found this wagon along with the one pictured below on Craigslist. I didn’t have to part with much cash,

but they did need some refinishing work. 

Repurposed antique toy wagon glass top display coffee table DIY furniture

The bed of the wagon is a great place to show off your collectables or objects of interest.

Two things are key to turning a wagon into an awesome

coffee table, getting the glass top size and shape right,

and the proper shortening of the tow handle.

DIY upcycled wagon wheel  cart coffee table
Repurposed antique cart coffee table

A long tow handle makes the table a bit awkward and hazardous.


I cut and reconfigure it to fit just under the table top. Still useful for steering it around, but NOT long enough to trip or whack an unsuspecting couch potato.

Want to know my favorite, easy, inexpensive place to

order glass online? Want the glass cut sheet?

Find out that and more by clicking here.


Included in our DIY Cheat Sheet

How I determine the best size for the glass top

How to seal and preserve the steel wheel bands

The glass cut sheet

All the glass order details

My favorite polyurethane to achieve an antique finish

Where I order glass

Paris Coaster wood toy wagon

This wagon was painted red and green when I found it. Some gentile sanding revealed the original Paris Coaster graphics and beautiful wood construction.


Manufacturer Info:


This wood wagon was manufactured in South Paris Maine at the turn of the last century. Notice the steel banded wood spoke wheels. These things were built to last, and last they did. They still roll and steer like new. 


The wagon pictured at the beginning of the post was advertised by The Buffalo Sled Co. of New York, as having the same type of wheels as cars of the day, featuring roller bearing axles and iron banded wood spoke wheels.  The model is an Auto Wheel Coaster with No. 2 Roller Bearings.

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Live near the Baltimore area?

John and Ben Uttenreither are award winning remodeling experts, ready to serve you!

Visit our remodeling website to learn more.

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